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Wii Game Console – Features And Review

Wii game console is the latest breakthrough in the gaming world that offers much-desired thrill and adventure to its players. Introduced by Nintendo,Guest Posting it is the seventh generation console that is perfect for players who love power packed video games. Some of the popular games available include Super Mario Galaxy, Guitar Hero III, Twilight princess and many more.

The console is an entertainment package that offers games for different moods and moments. Besides offering excitement and entertainment, it also helps its players to remain fit and in good shape. All the games offered by the Wii game console offers fitness tests. These tests assess the fitness/condition of the player during the playing process.

One of the leading names in the gaming world, Wii game console allows the gamer to use a special Wii-mote control. It is a wireless control system that makes games like tennis, bowling and baseball really exciting. Moreover, the sensor allows the player to make various body movements while playing that trains the moves and balances of the body.

Apart from the distinguished wireless Wii remote, which detects movement in three dimensions, the Wii game console also features Wii-Connect24 that enables it to receive messages and update over the Internet when in standby mode.

Features of Nintendo Wii game console :

Wii game console has several distinguished features that makes it popular amongst video game lovers. Following are some of its important features:

1. It is one of the smallest and most lightweight home game consoles, of the three major consoles (Xbox 360, PS3) , and it weighs only 3 pounds.

2. One of the striking features of this console is its recurring theme or design. The console, the SD cards, the power supply and all other sockets have one of their corners creatively chipped off Mediabola 78 in a triangular fashion.

3. Wii video games are available in the format of 12 centimeter Wii optical discs that load into the vertical game slot. It also has an additional 8cm Game Cube Disc.

4. It is equipped with two processors. They are 729 megahertz Power PC based “Broadway” processor (by IBM) and ATI “Hollywood” GPU.

5. While the system memory is 88MB, the Wii game console has a memory of 512 megabytes internally. There is slot for an SD card for external storage. The external storage is often used for saving data and for uploading photos and other items onto the Wii.

6. The console is provided with slots for four Wii game remote controllers which connect wirelessly via Bluetooth technology. Moreover, GameCube controllers can be used too. There are four slots for these and 2 GameCube memory card slots

7. The Wii game console is also equipped with AV Multi-output port, allowing composite, s-video and component.