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Light Therapy : 6 Ways That Heal

Light therapy is based on the principle that certain wave lengths of light can affect the living organisms in different ways and thus is widely used for alleviating pain,Light Therapy : 6 Ways That Heal Articles relieving depression and improving skin.

There are different light therapy treatment procedures available, such as LED light therapy, using blue and red light emitting diodes. Under different treatments, subjects are exposed to specific wave lengths of light including lasers, fluorescent lamps, light emitting diodes and bright lights that emit all colors of a spectrum.
Top 6 uses of light therapy include :

Acne light therapy can kill bacteria that causes acne, thus reducing the pain and complications involved in surgical removal of acne. Light penetrates into the cell walls of the skin, thus preventing the bacteria from causing further acne.

2.It can treat depression caused by lack of light during the winter season by exposing the patients to various quantities of light. With this method, patients come to believe that spring and summer seasons are about to come and thus they stop taking anti-depressant medications.

It is used for working into the human red light therapy bed for sale body’s circadian rhythm or sleep rhythm, thus improving the person’s sleeping patterns. According to researches, person’s sleeping habits are largely governed by the light and this therapy works by giving them different amounts of light at different times of the day. It not only gives a good sleep in night to a person but also alleviates jet lag pains for the frequent travelers.

It is extremely helpful in treating skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis and is much faster as compared to shampoos and ointments.

It is used for people who want to have a tan without the need to go to a beach. UV light is given to the person in safe doses, thus giving tan to the body of the person without the effects of over-exposure to harmful rays from the sun.

Skin care light therapy can be used for rejuvenating the cells of the bodies of people, giving them a more glowing and youthful look. This saves a lot of money that has to be spent on expensive elixirs and ointments.

The light therapy used for skin care purpose (acne and anti-aging) has first been researched by NASA, to grow plants. The technology used is LED. LED Light Therapy is safe and uses different wavelenghts of light, and different colors. Generally, blue light is employed to treat acne as it kills the acne bacteria. Red light is also used for acne as this is a healing light, and effective for reducing acne scarring and inflammation, as well as controlling sebum production. But red light is the main color for anti-aging purpose. It indeed stimulates collagen production responsible for our skin firmness and elasticity. Light therapy treatments reduce wrinkles and fine lines, but also dark spots and other signs of aging.

Today, personal light therapy devices are available to the public and we can be sure light therapy will be used in a near